Thursday, January 6, 2011

A peace offering?

Dear Dingbat,

I guess you know me well enough to know that shoes are the way to my heart. You showed up with two pairs of  shoes to give to me this morning. You said that they hurt your feet and thought I'd like them.
My initial excitement was clouded with skepticism.
Is there something wrong with these shoes?
Are they ugly?
Are they old lady shoes?
I was so paranoid I had to text a picture to a friend and ask for her professional advise.
They passed.

So thank you dingbat. I will try to be nicer to you and tolerate you; however, I will continue to blog about your constant dingbat moments.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Check your checklist

Today I had a conversation with dingbat that went like this:

Me: I don't see Thursday's meeting on the calendar.
Dingbat: Big eyed blank stare... long pause
Me: Oh its not in for the entire year
Dingbat: Big eyed blank stare, rifling though files (for several minutes)
Me: Did you get the schedule?
Dingbat: I don't know
Me: Check your checklist
Dingbat: Oh, I have it highlighted, that must mean I didn't get it
Me: Ok... I will follow up with the creator, maybe you should check your checklist for others you may have missed.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Changing Your Password

Dear Dingbat,

Do I need to take the time to write you step by step instructions on how to change your network password?

This is what you did to annoy me Monday morning.
I see you come in and sit at your computer, so I know we've been off for a few days so it might take you a few minutes to remember exactly how to operate the computer.
I'm working on getting caught up on my emails and I here "da-ding" you know that error notification sound one gets when they make an ERROR on their computer?
Reluctantly I glance over and see that you haven't yet logged in and it appears as though you are trying to change your password.
I say nothing.
I here, da-ding, da-ding, da-ding. I don't know 6, 7 times maybe?
You're obviously frustrated and you get up and go get coffee, we continue to not speak to each other.
So you come back with a fresh cup of coffee and work on it again. da-ding, da-ding, da-ding.
Finally, I speak. "What are you doing?"
You say "I keep trying to change my password and its not letting me in"
Me: "Well you can't use the same password, try putting an number or something"
You: "Oh"
da-ding, da-ding, da-ding
Next thing I know you are calling IS. I'm embarrassed to be sharing an office with you.
I hear only one side of the conversation and you say "oooh ok, that worked"